Holistic Health

Preventative natural medicine is the most cost effective way to maintain quality of life for the long run. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." In today's increasingly toxic and stressful environment, investing in your health can mean thousands in longterm savings plus maximizing the ability to enjoy what you've earned. That's why, when it comes to overcoming health issues and empowering your immune system naturally, you need a doctor who knows the way. That's why you should see a Naprapath.

Natural Medicine

Science has conclusively proven what was proposed thousands of years ago. We are beings made of light, born from nature and comprised of elements from the earth, air, sun, plants and water. Illness occurs when we fall out of harmony with our true selves. Health manifests by living in accordance with natural laws. This is your chance to experience deep healing by combining the fundamentals of ancient truths with holistic modern medicine. There will never be a better time to transform yourself. The past is gone, tomorrow does not exist. The only time is now.

True Balance

The Dalai Lama said that 5 Billion people need 5 Billion different religions. You deserve a unique program designed specifically to balance you, whether you're enjoying life's gentle waves or navigating its rocky shores.

Optimal health requires committing to the journey. Every traveler benefits by following good directions. As your naprapathic doctor and holistic health coach, I'll not only guide you, I'll be with you until you reach your destinationevery step of the way.


Meet Dr. K:

Kevin Gill, DN

Naprapath & Doctor of Holistic Natural Medicine 

Welcome to the exciting era of Holistic Natural Medicine! As a top-rated medical professor and 5-star doctor in Chicago, helping people live fulfilling, healthy lives is my purpose. I've studied modalities worldwide to develop a comprehensive philosophy toward treating a wide variety of symptoms, from autoimmune conditions to successful pain management, whatever the cause. I utilize deep healing practices from both western and eastern medicine, combined with the innovative foundations of Naprapathic Medicine*. I also incorporate Health & Life Coaching, and educate my clients on sustainable habits to help them achieve truly optimal lives. Whether you're recovering from an injury, past trauma, nutritional issues or chronic pain, there is an action plan to help you improve.


*Naprapathic Medicine, aka "Neuromyology" is a rare, advanced field of noninvasive natural medicine utilizing gentle physical techniques, nutritional counseling, and naturopathic modalities to treat the a wide variety of symptoms including pain and connective tissue disorders. If you haven't successfully resolved your symptoms, you should see a Naprapath.

The Mindful Patient

People can choose to excel at every aspect of life, including working with a doctor or coach. They truly want to change and are genuinely committed to their health transformation. They are optimistic, realistic, hopeful and believe in the value of spiritual cultivation. They recognize themselves as whole beings and are ready to manifest change. Life is a gift so they respect their time and the time of others. They are open minded, dedicated, follow advice and come in the role of students even more than they seek treatment as patients. They value the effort they receive, cultivate gratitude on a daily basis and take responsibility for their own progress.

The Right Doctor

In a system that rewards doctors who specialize into advanced fields, finding an expert generalist is increasingly difficult. The fundamental building blocks of health, nutrition, fitness & lifestyle are all but overlooked in favor of treating advanced-stage illnesses with prescription drugs and surgeries. Doctors who are experts in Natural Holistic Medicine are extremely difficult to find, as are doctors that will spend the time to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. The right doctor treats the root causes as non-invasively as possible, uses as few medications as necessary and prescribes as little intervention as possible. He uses education as a primary intervention, focuses on preventative treatments, nutrition, lifestyle and enters into a mutual partnership with those who seek his guidance.

Holistic Transformation

Health is the cornerstone of life. Illness, pain, discomfort and suffering, all distract from the joys of living. As your coach and guide, it's my goal to help you become your own best doctor. I use natural, innovative methods to empower you to be your own master. The journey requires effort but the destination is more than worthwhile. Profound transformation begins with a single decision.