Our Beliefs

We believe that people should be treated as entire beings, not as disassociated parts. We have bodies, minds and souls and in order for true health to be achieved, all of them need to be treated in conjunction. Our membership programs are built to help aid longterm compliance and provide the resources you need to continue making progress.

The RSX Mission

We are committed to longterm improvement and addressing the root causes of illness, not just the symptoms, through natural solutions. We strive to ensure that everyone we treat is able to achieve brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyles.

Our Holistic Model

There is no single protocol to successfully treat every condition. That's why your unique treatment plan could include anything from therapeutic massage to life coaching, video or teleconferencing, education, herbs, essential oils, supplementation, exercise, postural corrections, circulation therapywhatever is needed to bring about the best, most effective result. Gardens and grocery stores will be your pharmacy and you'll spend time cultivating your health by balancing your thoughts and spirit. Come as a student and leave as a teacher, becoming more whole in the process.


Our Philosophy

Ancient religions and modern science agree: we are beings made of sound and light. We exchange energy with our surroundings and are connected to everything in the universe. We spring forth from the minutest vibrations, one building harmoniously with the next until we form into ordered miracles of resonating patterns. Our design is meticulously engineered to express life, not disease. With proper care we can even flourish under harsh conditions.

Our thoughts form our patterns. Patterns unify into manifestations, whether expressing illness or health. Modern traditional medicine has evolved into separate fields of disassociated specializations. Finding a true holistic medicine doctor who can connect all the pieces is like discovering a perfect flowers in the middle of murky waters. It requires the courage to search where others won't.


What is your next step?

Transformation requires commitment from both the patient and the doctor. To see if you're a good fit for the holistic medicine philosophy, reserve your place for a private one-on-one consultation.