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What is Naprapathy?

Naprapathy is an advanced, much gentler branch of chiropractic medicine, performed primarily on the soft connective tissues of the body. Originally founded in Chicago in 1907 by Dr. Oakley Smith, it has since spread to different countries, mainly Sweden, Norway and Finland, where upwards of 2 Million Naprapathic treatments are performed annually on an estimated 450,000 patients.

In the United States, a naprapath, aka neuromyologist, is a licensed natural medicine doctor specializing in, but not limited to, spinal and connective tissue disorders. Naprapaths are especially effective at natural pain management and resolving neuromyological (nerve and musculature) symptoms. Naprapathy is mainly derived from osteopathic and chiropractic medicine, utilizing a gentle approach to stretching, nutrition, health counseling, supplementation and various modern modalities such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, laser therapies, and cryotherapy. Although some Naprapaths specialize in certain conditions, many choose to be generalists.

What’s your treatment policy?

All clients who wish to join RSX Holistic Health health require an initial interview and if accepted, are required to sign up on a monthly membership plan. Services can be canceled anytime after the initial period with no additional charges.

Do you ship health supplements? What kinds?

After your health consultation, any health supplements you need can be shipped directly to you. Some people prefer to pre-order and pick them up in the office during their scheduled visits. RSX Holistic Health maintains stock of only the most commonly used health supplements so depending on what you need, most will be ordered directly from the supplier. Orders generally take 2-5 business days to arrive. To ensure quality control and the best patient outcome, RSX Holistic Health only utilizes the highest quality supplements and most can only be obtained by a licensed practitioner.

Do you validate parking?

RSX Holistic Health is located in the middle of Chicago's Magnificent Mile: 500 N. Michigan Avenue, Ste 600, directly between Grand and Illinois Avenues. The office is convenient to reach via public transportation. If you'd prefer to drive, discounted parking is available to RSX Holistic Health customers. Simply park across the street at the Continental Hotel (505 N Michigan Ave) located on the corner of Michigan and Illinois.

Valaditation rates are:
1-4 Hours.... $18 / 4-8 Hours $25

This allows you to enjoy time in Chicago's downtown area at a reduced parking rate. After your appointment, bring your ticket to the lobby of the 500 N. Michigan Ave building. Make sure to let them know that you've visited RSX Holistic Health.

Do you have customer service?

General inquiries can be addressed through email. Health questions are referred directly to your doctor or coach and are generally replied to within one business day. Email support is available at Or, of you prefer to speak to someone directly, please call 312-585-5587 during normal business hours.

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